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Lens & Pens! Meredith Piper Embry and Jason Smith (that would be me) are live for registration for our online summer camp for photography and writing. It is going to be a lot of fun. We are calling Lens & Pens a "camp" rather than a "course" because there are no grades and no comparisons to other students: just positive feedback and encouragement. Our campers can share as much of their work with others in the camp as they like--or none at all. We will have live online meetings every week to supplement the photography and writing activities. You can email Meredith with questions at or message either of us directly. Check it out!


Read it before it becomes a bestseller!

We have released four, yes FOUR, new books from our press:

Black Archer: Body Magic Book Two by C. Jason Smith

Based on Imaginary Events: Collected Flash Fiction by Michael Neal Morris

The Long Road Home: A Story of Survival, War, Family by G. Sidney Smith

Married to the Wind: Wisewoman's Daughter by Samantha Holloway

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